Free Wi-Fi in San Gimignano

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Since February, 20th it has been activated a free access to the public Internet for all citizens and tourits through the "Terre di Siena Wi Fi" available in the tre sqares of the old town center.

See the Information Guide for the first access to the free Wi-Fi of San Gimignano.


Free ItaliaWiFi

Free Wi-Fi Italia LOGOThe city administration decided to join the project "free ItaliaWi-Fi" sponsored by Provincia di Siena.

"Free ItaliaWiFi" is a project of Provincia di Roma, Regione Autonoma della Sardegna and Comune di Venezia and it is addressed to public administrations for the implementation of the first national federated network of free wireless Internet access.

With the project "Free ItaliaWiFi" you can browse not only free WiFi in public areas of the city, but also in other WiFi networks of administrations that have joined the national network.

The general aim of "Free ItaliaWiFi" is to promote collaboration between public administrations, aimed at the design and implementation of free wireless networks on the territories and also at the creation of a single national WiFi infrastructure.

"Free ItaliaWiFi" purposes are:

  • Increase the spread of free public WiFi, encouraging the creation of new networks and promoting digital culture and the right of access to the internet in Italian public administrations;
  • Offer benefits to citizens who use public WiFi networks (for example, each user can access to federated networks with the same credentials);
  • Create a community that shares and constantly improves the software and open source architectures used;
  • Develop and implement innovative applications useful to all citizens, delivered through the federated networks;
  • Promote initiatives of integrated communication, through adequate communication channels;
  • Undertake joint projects for the simplification of national legislation.

Beside Siena area many other Public Administration have joined the consortium Terrecablate allowing the creation of an extensive network of PA to which you can connect with the same credentials.


Currently there are more than 1,800 Hot Spot on over 25 interconnected networks:

  • Provincia di Roma
  • Regione Autonoma della Sardegna
  • Comune di Venezia
  • Provincia di Prato
  • Provincia di Grosseto
  • Comune di Genova
  • Comune di Torino
  • Provincia di Gorizia
  • Provincia di Pistoia
  • Provincia di Cosenza
  • Comune di Lamezia Terme
  • Comune di Rosignano Marittimo
  • Provincia di Frosinone
  • Provincia di Firenze
  • Fondation Grand Paradis
  • Rete Piemontese Federata (Cities of Alba, Pinerolo and Comunit√† Montana Valli dell'Ossola)
  • Provincia di Brescia
  • Comune di Pisa
  • Regione Friuli Venezia Giulia
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