A sculpture at the town entrance

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Marco Di Piazza "Group of Figures on the Way. Voices from the World" San Gimignano-Bonn, 2010 steel m3.50

San Gimignano Arte Umanità. Marco Di Piazza

San Gimignano Humanity Art
Marco Di Piazza

"Group of Figures on the Way. Voices from the World"

San Gimignano-Bonn, 2010

steel, m 3.50

An ode to the journey, an invitation to the encounter. Located along the ancient Via Francigena, at the entry of the small Unesco town, the sculpture was inaugurated in San Gimignano in September 2012, on the occasion of the 40th anniversary of the Paris Convention which established the World Heritage Site.

“How old are roads, Daddy? When was the first road made? When people walk along it makes a path, I know that... But if the place we have to go to is too far away, will we make it there? If we meet people I don’t know and they speak a different language... will you help me?”

San Gimignano is located on the Via Francigena – the stretch between Gambassi and Monteriggioni – an ancient route that around AD 1000 linked Rome with northern Europe. In 1990 the historic center of San Gimignano was placed on the UNESCO list of World Heritage Sites. In 1786, Tuscany was the first region in the world to abolish the death penalty.

This work of sculpture is a symbol of responsibility towards the future: roads do exist.

Marco Di Piazza was born in Rome in 1961. After moving to Tuscany at a young age, he trained in Florence and in 1989 opened his Gallery-Studio in San Gimignano to the public. He has lived and worked in Bonn since 2003, alternating his time between Bonn and San Gimignano. His paintings and sculptures are in private and public collections in more than twenty countries