Città dell'olio (City of olive oil)

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National Association for promoting extra virgin olive oil

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The 'Città dell'olio' National Association was founded in Larino (CB) in December, 17th 1994, and it groups municipalities, provinces, Chambers of Commerce, and mountain communities giving their name to an oil, or else where high-quality olive oil is produced.

The Association's goal is to promote and value territories producing olive oil, a promotional goal coming from the acknowledged value given to olive trees and their precious produce.

National Secretery

  • Villa Parigini - Strada di Bassciano,22
    53035 Monteriggioni (Siena)
    tel 0577 329109
    fax 0577 326042

The Town of San Gimignano joined 'Città dell'olio' National Association after deliberation C.C. n.74 of 12.10.1996